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Canine Behavioural Trainer

Before you decide on a dog trainer, I believe you must first decide what kind of bond you would like to establish with your dog. 

The bond I have formed with Jersey and the pure happiness and joy she has brought to my life is the reason I want to help you form and grow that bond with your dog. 

I started Jersey & Co Dog Training to be able to help as many dogs as possible to live a happy, harmonious life with their family. I understand that every dog is different and every family is different. You will receive a tailored training program that suits your lifestyle, dog's needs and training abilities. 

You and your dog are in good hands, with over 13 years experience as a dog behavioural trainer, I am qualified through the Delta Society and stay up to date with the latest training methods. I specialise in fearful, reactive and rescue dogs but can help you with everything from puppyhood to senior citizen.

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